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Last winter, I met an Indian angel. ‘She almost glows!’ flashed through my mind as I saw the 39-year-old Sushila. The first thing I noticed was the look in her eyes, almost extraordinarily full of love. As we talked I understood more and more where that look came from.

Sushila is someone who walks in the light. She walks with Jesus. Well, actually she doesn’t really like walking. Rather, she prefers scooters. ‘Come on Jesus‘, she’d say, ‘let’s take the scooter to the village‘. In all her activities she invites the Lord to accompany her.


Jesus goes with her to work, to get the groceries… they even cook dinners together.


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This highly educated Catholic woman practices an incredibly simple philosophy ‘You can involve Jesus in everything‘. She imagines He is with her on the scooter and during the ride she sings to Him. In India it’s quite normal to load a whole family on one scooter. ‘So, why not take Jesus with you as well’, she reasons.


One would almost consider that blasphemous, but I prefer to see it as ‘A sparkle of the Kingdom’. Even more: as an encouragement to live in proximity to the King. She started this trend when she was a young girl because of her mum. Every day, the little eight year old would come home to find no one to share her day with as her older sister would get to their mother first and end up taking most of her time. This recurring incident disappointed Sushila, until one day she remembered her mother’s words: ‘You can tell Jesus everything. He listens. Always!‘ From then on, each day after school, she would sit in her usual spot and tell Jesus everything she wanted to talk to her mother about. What her mother couldn’t listen to, Jesus did. She felt welcome to fill Him in on every teeny-weeny or humongous detail. He listened. Always.


I asked her, who taught her to use her imagination to always see Jesus beside her. ‘Anybody can do that! Didn’t we all learn that as children? It is such a shame that we lose it along the way.’


She related another incident to me about a friend who went to get some work done on the sixteenth floor of a building – with Jesus. After finishing, she gathered her stuff and took the lift down all the while thinking about the remainder of her tasks for the day. As she was getting into the car she suddenly exclaimed ‘Oh my Gosh! I left Jesus on the sixteenth floor!‘ She hurried back up and confessed: ‘I’m sorry, Jesus, I forgot you for a while. Are you coming with me?…’


My reasoning states this prayer makes no sense. As… doesn’t He live inside us? Even when I forget about Him for a while, He is still with me. But then again… My heart murmurs that these Indian women could teach me a lot. They encourage me to share everything with the Lord, once again. Because He listens. Always.


Watch this amazing song which underlines the message of Sushila’s story…

Author: Paulien Vervoorn – speaker and author (in the Netherlands). Trainer at Geloofwaardig Spreken (Speaking Trustworthy)

Translator: S.


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